Welcome to Metrokappeli Church in Kontula

Metrokappeli is a Pentecostal Church located in the Finland’s largest city Helsinki. Our exact location is on Kontula suburb. Getting to our church is easy because we are located on the same building as the subway station. We are a modern and multigenerational church, which has been serving Kontula community since 1994. Today we have about 300 members in our congregation. Even majority of our members are Finns we really want to be multinational church.

We want to warmly welcome you to be a part or our church. Weekly we have two prayer meetings (Wednesday 10:00 AM and Thursday 18:00) and Sunday service 11:00 AM. Small group for English fellowship meets twice every month Wednesday evening 18:00. Please follow our Facebook and programs to get dates. If you are interested to know more about our church do not hesitate to contact our pastors.

Namaste! Nepalese gather at the Metro Church in Kontula every month. We pray, sing, and study the Bible together. For more information, contact Pastor Tomi Kuosmanen at 040-5454805.

Pastor Tomi Kuosmanen

Pastor Tomi Kuosmanen

Phone: 040 545 4805